1. Is it hard to install?
2. I don’t get flats, why would I use Tube Saddle®?
3. Why would I want to run lower tire pressures?
4. How heavy is Tube Saddle®?
5. Can I run Ultra Heavy Duty Inner Tubes with Tube Saddle®?
6. Which type Inner Tube should I use with Tube Saddle®? Standard or Heavy Duty?
7. What tire pressure should I run with Tube Saddle®?
8. Can I run Tube Saddle® with a Trials Tire?
9. Will Tube Saddle® break down from heat in high speed applications?
10. How long will Tube Saddle® last?
11. How does Tube Saddle® wear, and when do I know it’s time to replace it?
12. Does Tube Saddle® provide flat proof protection?
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